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HOMEMAX - From House To Home

Welcome to HOMEMAX, Your one stop home furnishing heaven. It has been our pleasure in the last 17 years to provide you with some of the best brands in the industry, helping you in converting your dream house, into your dream home. We will continue to serve you in many more years to come, and will be in constant search of the best product to offer, at the best of quality. For more information on the product ranges that we carry, browse through our website, and feel free to contact us or visit us at any of our showcases in a place near you.

Featured Product : LEICHT Kitchen

"It has been our desire for more than 75 years, to build kitchens which meet your demands for quality, function, for design and architecture to the ultimate. Let yourself be carried along, be stimulated and perhaps even seduced by what we are showing you within the framework of our new internet-appearance." - LEICHT, Germany

"An invitation to creative playing with the effect of surfaces, the mix of materials, the possibilities of carcase-arrangement, details of room arrangement. It’s not only a question of new kitchens but above all of new thinking." - LEICHT, Germany





Kitchen Resources

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